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Sat Sep 17
at at Otterbein University Invitational 19th of 19 Teams
Fri Sep 30
at at All-Ohio Championships 17th or 17 Teams
Fri Oct 14
at at Wilmington Invitational 38th of 38 Teams
Sat Oct 29
at at HCAC Championships 10th of 10 Teams
Sat Nov 12
at at NCAA Div. III Regional Meet Individuals
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Composite Calendar

Composite Calendar
Nov 12
Individuals at NCAA Div. III Regional Meet
Oct 29
10th of 10 Teams at HCAC Championships
Oct 14
38th of 38 Teams at Wilmington Invitational
Sep 30
17th or 17 Teams at All-Ohio Championships
Sep 17
19th of 19 Teams at Otterbein University Invitational
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